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Italia 90 at the Vic

   Its 9:30 on a Wednesday night in Hoxton and I’ve just been released from the clink that is my job at a bottle shop, with £13 to my name I hear of a free gig that I can make it to as long as I’m up for a 25 minute run to the Victoria in Dalston, where the headliners are none other than the four piece punk platoon that is Italia 90. Being a recent fan of their music I was more than willing to throw my head around and let their yammer hit my ears.   I bolted off in search of the Vic. Then upon my arrival,   to combat my windswept barnet I spat in my hands and ran them through my bleach burnt hair, and I was fresh as a daisy. The quirky East London pub was an interesting setting for a punk gig, behind a speak easy book shelf, there is a large event space, where as I walked through I could see Italia 90 plugging in and their lead vocalist Les Miserable, pacing the stage.     As the Vic filled up, Italia 90’s rumbling and rebelling sounds started emerging. Their bott

Real Life Lisa Simpson (extinction rebellion)

Firstly, I should explain about what extinction rebellion (XR) is. XR is a protest group that demands the government to tell the truth about climate change. They proceed to do this by proving they are “an international movement that uses non-violent civil disobedience in an attempt to halt mass extinction”. Having followers from all walks of life, including many environmental scientists that support the groups facts and claims, they are willing to do anything to make masses and more importantly the government “Tell the truth” to the public and to “act now”, which on the 14th of April 2019, resulted in XR blocking off bridges, roads and trains in London. Which is where I come in…   I first heard about XR when they marched into parliament, stripped naked with messages of climate change painted on their bodies, and like everyone else, I saw the BBC coverage and laughed at the “silly jobless hippies” that the media made them out to be. So when my housemate Ruby asked me to join