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Rattletooth Interview

We first came across Rattletooth when they supported our friends Mice on Mars, who showed a lot of interest in getting us to hear their sounds. So of course we were intrigued as “MOM”s stamp of approval is not something to take lightly. When we first saw Rattletooth we were met by a high pitched sinister theatre of emotion with, Flynn in his skater style threads, intensely shredding the guitar and jolting rhythms. Barney in his own world, not giving a shit if we’re there or not. Theo, the south London Geppetto, making puppets of the crowd, literally and metaphorically pulling the strings. Ben thumping away at the drums like a 8 legged spider on a hot plate. We were truly rattled. We’ve never talked so much to each other through a set before, it seemed like they were all in their own little world, this made us very intrigued to find out how they made their individual talents gel together to create such a frantic yet wholesome sound. So we caught up with them at t