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  Off the back of their newest single Woodlouse, we caught up with Alien Chicks for a quick interview after their show at The George tavern in Whitechapel. But first a little bit about their support band… It was a nippy east London evening and as the the sound checks started there were murmurs of the headline act Pigeonhole cancelling last minute. So we were met by a band that stepped in I had not yet heard of, a side project of Alien chicks’ called Robert; they proceeded to carry out an energetic jam session. The electric energy was lead by the flank by their erratic Sax player Jasper, who seriously brought the vibe. As it was an unplanned jam session the frontman Max at one point confessed he’d run out of things to say so he pronounced to the crowd that he would read out the entirety of The Secretary of State scumbag, Jacob Rees Mogg’s Wiki page, and somehow he made it sound poetic. What a start to the evening, it was then we knew that we where in for a treat. Alien Chicks plugg