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If you're craving a dose of pure, unadulterated punk rock energy, look no further than the Lambrini Girls' latest single "God's Country." Released by City Slang Records and  produced by Daniel Fox of Dublin band Gilla Band and its video sees the duo stomping around London and filming outside tourist attractions such as Buckingham Palace and the bank of England. From the moment the first chords kick in, "God's Country" catapults you into a whirlwind of raw energy and infectious hooks. The Lambrini Girls waste no time in delivering a sonic assault that's equal parts gritty and electrifying. With its driving rhythms, blistering guitar solos, and powerhouse vocals, this track is a testament to the band's undeniable talent and unapologetic attitude. Lyrically, "God's Country" is a defiant declaration of independence and a rallying cry for those who refuse to conform to society's norms. With lines like "We're the renegade

PUSHPIN - Single Release & Interview

Pushpin's latest single, "The Dance," serves as a hyperactive duet between vocals and percussion and offers a truly dynamic journey, embodying the realisation of personal evolution and the embrace of new experiences.  Since their formation in 2020, Pushpin has been on an unconventional musical odyssey, incorporating sampled household objects into their soundscapes during lockdown. Their debut EP, "Picnic," released in 2022, garnered praise from industry heavyweights like Steve Lamacq, 6 Music, John Kennedy, Radio X and Spotify.  This new single “The Dance” set to be released on the 12th of March is an exceptional welcome return for Pushpin, showing true progression but still keeping their quirky, eccentric and innovative sound. Their dynamic live shows effortlessly blend infectious synth melodies with contemplative violin arrangements, punctuated by intricate vocal harmonies and lively percussion interludes. As for Pushpin's live shows, their psychedelic pop


Goat Girl release their latest single 'Ride Around,' with its exclusive first play on 6 music. From the upcoming Album ‘Below the waste’ which drops on the 7th of June. Produced by the acclaimed John Spud Murphy, known for his work with artists like Fontaines D.C. and Black Midi, this track is poised to be a game-changer in the indie music scene. From the moment the first chord kicks in, 'Ride Around' grabs you by the ears and doesn't let go. With its infectious guitar riffs, driving bassline, and haunting vocals, the song is a rollercoaster ride of energy and emotion. It's a wild, rebellious anthem that captures the spirit of youth and the thrill of the open road. But 'Ride Around' is more than just a catchy tune—it's a statement. It's a reminder that Goat Girl is not afraid to defy conventions and carve out their own path in the music industry.  With its infectious energy and rebellious spirit, 'Ride Around' is sure to leave a lasting i


In the seedy underbelly of punk's grimy subculture, where the air is thick with the stench of rebellion and chaos, The Chisel emerge with their latest release, "What a Fucking Nightmare." With a title that brazenly reflects the current state of affairs, this album is a blistering outcry against injustices of modern existence. From the first intense and eery track ‘what a F****ing nightmare’ - the same name as the album - The Chisel set the tone for an unrelenting assault on the senses. This isn't a record for the faint-hearted or the easily offended. It's a raw, unapologetic dive into the depths of disillusionment and despair, delivered with ferocious intensity. Tracks like “F**** ‘Em” and "Bloodsucker" channel the band's frustration into frenetic bursts of aggression, with the Cal Graham vocalist gravelly snarl cutting through the chaos like a rusty blade. The guitars slash and thrash with razor-sharp precision, while the rhythm section pounds away


Alien Chicks where set to play their first gig after their single release “cowboy”. The venue of choice for their endeavour was there Windmill Brixton, and what a place to do it! I haven’t ventured to the Windmill for a fair few months and to be honest with you, I didn’t realise how much I missed the place. As the anticipation built, we walked up Blenheim Gardens and the topic of conversation was full of bands I’ve seen here in their early days; Goat Girl, Lynks, Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs, Squid and Deadletter just to name a few and how I had the same feeling walking up this street as I do now for Alien Chicks.  We bust through the door and where met by the smell of old dry vomit and the sound of thumping punky bass, and I knew I was home… I first met Alien Chicks a few months ago and was blown away with their performance. After interviewing them I was very exited to see where they would end up next, and here I am at their sold out, headline gig at the windmill awaiting the re


Mercury Prize shortlisted Porridge Radio packed-out Trinity Community Centre in Bristol I was walking to the venue when I dropped my camera in the street. It shattered into pieces, and I thought “ah fuck.” My mate told me I had better start praying quick, since we were headed to a church. Following a very busy year jet-setting around Europe and America – playing at Primavera, their first American tour, and embarking in a chart battle with Harry Styles – Porridge Radio are mid-way through their home-coming 2022 UK tour. Flanked by AlaksaAlaksa and Memory of Speke, the Brightonian band are going from strength to strength. Trinity Community Centre is a strange venue, in that it’s a church. The high-vaulted ceilings give space to breathe and radiate the raw sound around, from pillar to pillar. There’s space to stretch and to think. A tired crowd packed out the church. Although the crowd was receptive and positive, it was also clear that there was a sense of lethargy afflicting the throng.

Wunderhorse - CUB Album Review

Well, Jacob Slater never ceases to amaze. On the 7th of October we were graced with the first LP from Wunderhorse. “Cub” has been highly anticipated by myself and many followers of the London rock scene. Since its arrival on Friday I have been glutinously indulging in this gritty yet elegant record. The overall feel of the album slightly surprised me. With the most recent singles from Wunderhorse being “Leader of the Pack” and “Butterflies” I thought many of the tracks would have a more punchy punky vibe. The reality is that this is an album which spans the many sub-genre’s of rock and does it very well. “Poppy” is one for the physic-rock lovers with strong influences from the groovy breakdowns of bands like the Stone Roses and Happy Mondays. Where as “Butterflies” utilises some repeating reflective riffs and some heavy resonating bass giving it a Radiohead feel. “Purple” has more folk-like guitar riffs played with some mild distortion on the electric and although this track is laced w