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King Krule - MAN ALIVE! *New Album Launch*

King Krule launched his new album,  Man Alive! in Bristol's SWX last night, kicking off his already sold-out 2020 tour. The latest in a long lineage of material from Archy Marshall, Man  Alive!  blends frustrated riffs with silky smooth sax over echoing, break-beat samples. Marshall's wailings of urban dwelling splinter through, clattering against the crowd. The whole album is a polemic against stagnation.  Organised by Rough Trade, the album launch took place a stone's throw down the street from Rough Trade West, at SWX. Bristol's Nelson street swelled as fans trampled their way from the store. Inside the club, underneath neon lighting, the dance floor melted into a swamp of bodies. Hundreds had turned out to catch a glimpse. Archy Marshall drips emotion. Every step he takes on stage is trodden with a sense of frustration. He doesn't play his guitar, so much as he vents through it. Stumbling across stage, during a guitar change between songs, Mars