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Ghost Car Interview

  So this weekend we caught up with multicultural feminist punk band, Ghost Car. After their performance we managed to snag them for a quick interview and here's what they had to say... How did the band start? I (Clara) had a band in Spain and then I moved to London because I was bored and obviously I wanted to start another band and I just knew the name already 'Ghost Car' then I asked my flatmate at home, Maria what is a Ghost car and then Laura joined. Maria is the founding member of the band and I'm (Noemi) here to just fill in as she's in Barcelona now. How did you land the Amyl & the Sniffers gig? We played with them the first time at the Windmill in Brixton, one of our close friends Tim Perry does a lot of bookings for that, So we messaged him asking if he knew of any cool bands that we could support because we want to do more stuff with cool bands. So then Amyl had just done a big gig in Central London, then they did a secret gig. They just t

Sleaford Mods at the Eventim Apollo

Well, well, well, this one was absolutely fascinating.  Let me set the scene. We walk through the middle entrance at the back of the room, after a quick trip to the bar, looking across the room you could see people from probably 16 years old all the way to 60. The youth raging to see a band with punchy messages about our society’s problems, mixed in with the punk veterans who were looking forward to seeing that even some new artists aren’t afraid to make a racket to really hammer home a point. The slanted floor towards the stage was caked in booze and general dirt, giving the feeling of an indoor festival.  You could smell a light air of sweat and quite a strong one of cigarette smoke, This is was all quite funny considering we were at the Eventim Apollo, a venue that a week earlier hosted a Balkans Music Festival that featured an act called the no smoking orchestra. We made our way forward securing a good position to fully experience the entertainment of Jason Williamson’s ex