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Loyle Carner's rise towards rap royalty (The Downs Festival)

   On embarking on my first trip to Bristol, I sat on a budget bus; filled with anticipation. This wasn’t due to the city’s inspirational street art, impeccable attractions or impressive night life, it was down to the event that induced the trip: The Downs Festival. The festival boasted a line up of Ms. Lauryn Hill as the headline act, along with this years festival royalty in IDLES and rapid up and comers in Fontaines D.C, just to name a few. Needless to say my expectations were high. However, on the day, the act I was most captivated and impressed with was eloquent rapper Loyle Carner.   Benjamin Coyle-Larner (a.k.a Loyle Carner) is a British rapper with guyanese decent who’s first album produced a mercury prize nominee and saw him become winner of NME’s British Solo Artist of the Year award. Don’t get me wrong I was excited see Loyle Carner in action but in the end I was blown away. As someone who often attends high energy, hard hitting punk and rock gigs in London, I didn’