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The eerie silence following Extinction Rebellion’s Canning Town protest should be a warning for us all.

Three months on and it feels that the dust is still settling from the infamous Extinction Rebellion stunt at Canning Town station: scenes of a ferocious, angry crowd dragging corduroy clad protesters from the top of trains. An eerie silence has been left over the future direction of the movement. XR have began to review its strategy: questioning whether the image perception of their protestors as middle class and privileged has been an issue when preventing working class Londoners from getting to work. Its undeniable that their targeting was dumb. Why not form a human chain around BP’s headquarters instead? However, at least they succeeded in gaining attention… since this is an emergency. The central strategy so far has been that since decades of conventional climate-focused protest has failed to achieve any reduction or even slowing of carbon emissions, that non-violent civil disobedience be adopted to force change. Undeniably this strategy has been successful. XR now dominates the

Top 9 ScumFiles Albums of the Year

1. Dogrel - Fontaines DC The debut album from Irish post punk band Fontaines DC.  Fontaines DC first gained our attention from supporting IDLES on their first US tour, and being a rock band from Ireland with Grian Chatten howling out in his clear Irish accent a patriotic sound. This album is a true journey, from the first track they tell us “my childhood was small, but I’m gonna be big” setting the tone of their proud and strong Irish heart. Leading you through to hits such as ‘Too Real’ and ‘Boys in the Better Land’ taking you to different genres yet making them all make sense together in one album. Then staying true to their true Irish roots, they fishing your ears off with the perfection that is ‘Dublin City Sky’ giving a nod to Irish folk but with their own FDC spin. This album is a MUST for your record collection and in effect is our ALBUM OF THE YEAR and we hope that this isn’t the last we’ve heard from these lads. 2. Eton Alive - Sleaford Mods The