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We chat with Orlando Florida band 408 during world lockdown.

408 (Image : Aaron Berkshire ).                                  So firstly, for the people in the UK, how would you describe your music? We would like to describe ourselves and our music as early 2000s pop punk rooted and mixed with today's sound, or better yet, Lemon Punk. Where are you guys based in the US? We are based out of Orlando, FL. How have you been effected by the virus?  The House of blues  We have had a ton of shows that got cancelled most notably a House of Blues show. Its effected the band both positively and negatively in different ways. We lost some shows and it effected us personally in our work lives, however, we were able to record an awesome new single called "Drop Out" that we are very excited to release. We are also heavily writing for our next EP with Andrew Wade in August. It’s said that the golden years of pop punk are behind us, when we heard your tunes, it filled us with nostalgia, what do you guys do that keep peo


Last Friday our instagram live was blessed by the company of Nylo. If you missed his set find the mix below…


It’s Tuesday the 5th of March and Annie Mac is joined on Radio 1 with Fontaines D.C front man, Grian Chatten. The show starts off with Fontaines D.C banger ‘Boys in the Better Land’ and shortly after, Dublin born Annie Mac announces that we are going to hear ‘A HERO’S DEATH’ brand new track by Fontaines D.C! It feels like a lifetime since our minds where blown by ‘Dogrel’. The alarms are set and we are feverish of the thought of hearing some new music straight from the man himself Grian Chatten.  As he joins Annie on the show and they chat about lockdown, and how it has inspired even more writing. Chatten then goes onto explain how after ‘Dogrel’ was released he and the band, with their manager, went to their local pub to listen to it on the big speakers. It was in that moment he started to write this single… Chatten introduces us to Fontaines D.C.’s new single ‘A Hero’s Death’ from their new album with the same name, coming out the 31st ofJuly. The new single follow

DEADLETTER finally grace us with a brand NEW SINGLE

It's just over a month into the pandemic and Deadletter, formerly known as Mice on Mars release their appropriately named single ‘Good Old Days’. Deadletter transport us to to a place full of excitement, energy and adrenaline that anyone who has been to one of their live gigs  knows all too well. The chiming intro of the track leads us into a sense of mystery. As the true ‘Deadletter style’ bass creeps in, we are back! This is the first thing we’ve heard since the change of name, and is a perfect staple to show with it. Deadletter capture a powerful sense of reality with Zac’s nostalgic vocals, assisting us on our gaze into the future and Deadletter’s relevance in it. Words : Cane Valentine Image : Hannah Woollam Listen NOW on Spotify