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Sid Muriel Releases Debut Single 'Hectic'

Sid Muriel is Tom Pullum, a reluctant Norfolk country boy and unsettled London city man at the same time. Never looking for a fight, but one always finding him whether that be with some ignorant soul insulting his androgynous fashion sense or the ones he starts in his own head. Yet, with cracked knuckles he weaves his way round a piano effortlessly, playing through the pain. Sid Muriel on his music… ‘I’m looking to break the cycle my ‘genre’ is running around. I want to write about more than just nature and over the past year I’ve had an array of repressed emotions pouring out of me while writing. I've learnt my brain can't hold onto one emotion for long so I didn't think my music should sound like it can either. Thus Sid Muriel was born, I see the project as a balance between beautiful, dark and conflicted.’ On his debut release, ‘ Hectic ’… “‘ Hectic ’ was written, recorded and brought to life last year when I illegally resided in Cable Street, Limehouse, London.  My f